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Application of PBT engineering plastics in automobile field

Pingyuan technology company2018-08-09

With the development of automobile to light weight, the consumption of plastics on cars is increasing. Among all kinds of plastics used in automobiles, the development and application of PBT engineering plastics in automobiles has always been the focus of the automotive industry and plastics industry.

As a kind of crystalline saturated polyester, PBT crystallizes rapidly and is easy to form; melting point is as high as 225 C, heat resistance is good; water absorption rate is low, dimensional stability is good; friction coefficient is low, wear resistance; chemical resistance, solvent, weatherability is good; bending creep resistance is good; flame retardant grade is high; can be obtained through various modification processing means to meet various requirements. Various kinds of modified PBT materials with different functional requirements for automotive parts, together with their excellent properties, have been widely used in automobiles for toughening, filling, reinforcing PBT and PBT alloy materials, and new technologies and applications have been emerging.

The application of PBT engineering plastics in automotive interior and exterior decoration and electrical includes ashtray, door lock system, mirror, door handle, lamp frame, bumper, wiper, fuse box, connector, ignition system, lamp socket, etc. Automobile interior materials should have outstanding properties such as high temperature resistance, low gloss and high weather resistance; exterior decoration parts require not only the function of interior decoration, but also high strength, high toughness, environmental resistance and impact resistance; electrical components require flame retardant and insulation materials.