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Matters needing attention in nylon processing

Pingyuan technology company2015-05-03

1. use of recycled materials: preferably not more than 3 times, so as not to cause a sharp decline in product color or mechanical and physical properties, application amount should be controlled under 25% conditions will cause excessive fluctuations of renewable materials mixed with new materials must be dry.

2. safety tips: nylon resin boot should first open the nozzle temperature, and then in the heating barrel, when the nozzle is blocked, do not face the spray hole, to prevent the solution because of the pressure accumulation of the sudden release of the barrel, danger.

3. use of release agents: the use of a small amount of release agent sometimes can improve and eliminate the bubbles and other defects. Release agent for nylon products can use zinc stearate and white oil, can also be mixed into paste, the use must be less uniform, so as to avoid surface defects of products.

4. when stop to empty the screw to prevent the next production, broken screw.