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The main segments of modified plastics category

Pingyuan technology company2015-05-03

The following modified plastic main category, consumer groups and market application:

1. kinds of flame retardant resin

Flame retardant plastic products can greatly reduce the risk of short circuit, overload, flooding conditions produce fire.

2. toughened resin

Mainly divided into weathering toughened PP special materials, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic products.

1) special material PP: special material weathering weathering toughening toughening PP is a kind of new material with polypropylene engineering plastics has the advantages of low temperature characteristics, good toughness, molding shrinkage of small, high rigidity, strong weather resistance, weather resistance, ultraviolet radiation is mainly used for outdoor environment. The main consumer groups are household electrical appliance enterprises, automobile parts enterprises etc..

2) of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic products mainly include: glass fiber reinforced AS/ABS, PP, glass fiber reinforced glass fiber reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced PBT/PET, PC, glass fiber reinforced glass fiber reinforced PPE/PPS etc.. The main consumer groups are computer accessories enterprises, machinery parts enterprises, electric tools, lighting enterprises and other enterprises.

3. plastic alloy

Mainly divided into PC alloy, PVC alloy and polyester alloy etc..

PC alloy product features: high impact strength, creep resistance, heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, excellent dielectric properties etc..

PC alloy applications: automotive instrument panel, computer and office automation equipment, electric tools, such as cellular phone shell.

PVC/ABS alloy with PVC and ABS as matrix, adding plasticizer, lubricants, stabilizers, flame retardants and other modifiers produced.

The performance advantage: excellent mechanical properties, weatherability, rheological properties, surface gloss, injection molding, extrusion effect is good, is a very cost-effective alloy material excellent.

Scope of application: can replace flame retardant weathering ABS and PC, is applied to the shell of household electrical appliance, electrical switches, meter housings, lighting materials, communication network, building materials.

Polyester: alloy has excellent mechanical properties (fatigue), dimensional stability, chemical resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking,

Application scope: automobile, household appliances, electric tools and other fields.

The 4. class function Masterbatch

Mainly refers to high impact polystyrene toughening flame retardant masterbatch.

Which can reduce the production cost and improve the product quality characteristics of functional masterbatch.

1 UL94, IEC-65 and GB8898) to meet the standards of electrical and electronic products of the flame retardant requirements;

2) to improve the toughness of HIPS resin, the flowability and demoulding;

3) given the color of HIPS resin.