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The advantages of modified nylon

Pingyuan technology company2016-01-26

This paper mainly introduces the reinforcement and toughening of flame retardant nylon, the advantage of what?

1, enhanced the advantages of nylon

(1) the mechanical properties increase is mainly improve the hardness and rigidity.

(2) significantly improved heat resistance: nylon material thermal deformation temperature of 100 degrees C, PA6 glass fiber reinforced can reach 210 ~ C; PA66 glass fiber reinforced after it can reach 255 degrees C, can be significantly improved.

(3) molding shrinkage, improve dimensional stability.

(4) increase the abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance.

2, the advantages of toughened nylon

(1) greatly improve the impact strength of materials.

(2) to improve the cold resistance of the material, so that the nylon at low temperatures remain fairly good toughness.

3, the advantages of flame retardant nylon

(1) increase of flammable materials, raw materials increased from V1 or V2 grade fire.