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Good News! Henan Pingyuan Successfully Selected as the List of Enterprise Technology Center in Xuchang City in 2023

Pingyuan technology company2024-02-24

Recently, Xuchang City, Henan Province released the list of enterprise technology centers in 2023 (the 11th batch), and Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co. This is another good news after the company successfully declared "Henan Province High-value Recycling Engineering and Technology Research Center of Recycled Plastics".

Xuchang Enterprise Technology Center is the recognition of Xuchang city's technological innovation ability, and also an important measure for the government to vigorously implement the strategy of developing the country through science and education, encourage technological innovation, and improve the technological innovation system and operation mechanism of enterprises. The success of this accreditation also marks the government's high recognition of Pingyuan's work in scientific and technological innovation and development as well as the achievements it has made.

Since its foundation, Pingyuan has always insisted on enhancing independent innovation ability as the core strategy for sustainable development of the enterprise. It is reported that Pingyuan is a national high-tech enterprise, "Specialized, Specialized, Specialized, Specialized and New" enterprise of Henan Province, and has worked hand in hand with the Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences to win together, and now it has 1 invention patent as well as 13 utility model patents, and has completed the transfer of 15 scientific and technological achievements in the recent three years to actively drive the improvement of the overall technological level of recycling materials industry and the progress of science and technology. Science and Technology Progress.

In addition, according to the staff of Pingyuan, Pingyuan adheres to the enterprise development concept of scientific and technological innovation, explores the potential value of recycled plastics in depth, and takes the lead in the industry in obtaining the certification of GRS Global Recycling Standard, the certification of ULOBP2809 Sea-Driven Plastics of the U.S.A., the certification of LCA Carbon Life Cycle Assessment and the certifications of ISO9001 Quality System, 14001 Environmental System and 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which provide a good vision for the industry to explore and innovate. We are the first in the industry to obtain the certification of GRS global recycling standard, the certification of ULOBP2809, LCA carbon life cycle evaluation, ISO9001 quality system, 14001 environmental system and 45001 occupational health and safety management system, etc., which provide a good vision for the industry to develop and innovate, and actively lead the industry to develop technologically, innovatively and internationally.

"Relying on policies, industrial progress, product technology innovation and the maturity of consumer concepts, the recycled plastics industry has a promising future." Senior industry observers pointed out that "industry pioneers, represented by Pingyuan, focus on scientific and technological innovation and technological upgrading, which is of sufficient significance for peers to effectively promote the continuous development of green circular economy.

In the future, Pingyuan will follow the development trend of the industry, actively respond to national policies, continuously improve the layout of scientific research platforms, and set up a first-class technological innovation team to boost the upgrading of enterprises and the development of the industry.