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Henan Pingyuan : Global Leading Supplier of PCR Recycled Plastics

Pingyuan technology company2024-03-13

Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is indeed a globally influential supplier in the field of PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) recycled plastics. The company specializes in the research and development, recycling, production and sales of recycled plastics, and is committed to promoting global sustainable development and environmental protection.


With a first-class R&D team and advanced production equipment, Henan Pingyuan New Materials is able to efficiently convert waste plastics into high-quality recycled plastic PA pellets. Its products not only have excellent physical and chemical properties, but also lower cost and better environmental performance, and thus are widely recognized by customers worldwide.


In addition, Henan Pingyuan New Material also actively participates in international environmental protection cooperation and exchanges, and has established close cooperative relationships with a number of internationally renowned enterprises and research institutions to jointly promote the development of the recycled plastic industry. Its PCR recycled plastic products have been widely used in packaging, automobile, electronics and many other fields, providing high-quality environmental protection solutions for global customers.


In conclusion, with its excellent technical strength, high quality products and services, and positive attitude towards international cooperation, Henan Pingyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements in the field of PCR recycled plastics, and has become a leader among global suppliers.