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Effect of humidity on mechanical properties of nylon

Pingyuan technology company2016-01-26

Experts have conducted extensive research on the absorption properties of nylon 66, nylon 66 found the hardness and water absorption capacity into a simple linear relationship, and to determine the effect of water lubrication on nylon mainly depends on a thin layer of plastic nylon.

He proposed the plasticization of the polymer occurred in two extreme conditions: contact with the other surface shear strength reduction and polymer materials for increasing the contact area. He suggested that the increase of the area to great effect on lubrication has weakened.

The experiment shows that temperature and humidity, moisture absorption can increase the pure resin and glass fiber reinforced nylon. The impact strength of 6/12 after heat cycle and each cycle after drying of glass fiber reinforced nylon samples, the impact strength did not change significantly.

Hydrolysis can increase the toughness of nylon, lack of water will lead to the opposite brittle nylon material. Studies have found that hydrolysis will enlarge the surface defects and influence of the interface between fiber and matrix, he pointed out the defects on the surface of the expansion and degradation of the fiber and matrix interface resulting in reduced performance impact. High temperature accelerated hydrolysis of nylon, and has been applied to the accelerated aging test research. At the same time, nylon after moisture absorption, temperature increase rate of aging is not a single factor, but the increase of temperature will increase the rate of.

Other experts believe that the amide bond hydrolysis in nylon is the reverse reaction for the synthesis of simplified nylon. To combine the advantages of fiber - matrix repeated moisture absorption and drying will produce enough to offset weaker.