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Five properties of ABS plastic raw materials

Pingyuan technology company2018-08-09

Five properties of ABS plastic raw materials including general properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties, electrical properties, these five properties of ABS plastics have the characteristics of what?

Technical service plastic performance testing throughout the chemical industry, from the analysis of the identification of raw materials, chemical product formula, to production of industrial product application link problem diagnosis, failure analysis, reliability test and analysis can provide the most professional technical services. A collection of excellent properties of ABS resin, the three monomer: electrical properties, formability, gloss styrene; oily heat resistance, rigidity, resistance to acrylonitrile butadiene; impact resistance.

The performance of ABS detection for plastic note:

1. general properties: ABS for the appearance of opaque in Ivory aggregate, non-toxic, tasteless, low water absorption rate of the products can be a variety of colors, high gloss and has 90%. ABS and other materials with good, easy to surface printing, coating and plating treatment. The oxygen index of the ABS 18.2, is a flammable polymer, flame yellow, black smoke, burning but not dripping, and a special cinnamon. ABS is the resin of a comprehensive performance is very good, with high temperature in the broader scope of the impact strength and surface hardness, thermal deformation temperature than PA, high PVC, good dimensional stability. The melt fluidity of ABS than PVC and PC, but PE, PA and PS than POM and HIPS, and the like. The flow characteristics of ABS is a non Newtonian fluid, there is relationship between the melt viscosity and processing temperature and shear rate, but is more sensitive to shear rate.

2. mechanical properties: ABS has excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact strength, can be used under low temperature. Even if the ABS product is damaged, is tensile damage and will not be impact damage. ABS excellent abrasion resistance, good dimensional stability, but also has oil resistance, can be used for medium load and speed of the bearing. Creep ABS than PSF and PC, but PA and POM. Poor ABS bending strength and compression strength of plastic in. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly influenced by the temperature.

3.: ABS belongs to the thermal properties of amorphous polymers, no obvious melting point; higher melt viscosity, poor mobility, poor weather resistance, ultraviolet ray may cause discoloration; thermal deformation temperature of 70 - 107 degrees Celsius (about 85), product after annealing treatment can improve the temperature of about 10. The temperature and shear rate are more sensitive; ABS still showed some resilience in 40 degrees, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40 DEG C to 85 C in.

4. electrical properties: ABS has good electrical insulation, and almost not influenced by temperature, humidity and frequency, can be used in most circumstances.

5. environmental performance: ABS is not affected by water, inorganic salt, alkali alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents and various acid, but soluble in ketones, aldehydes and chlorinated hydrocarbon, by acetic acid, vegetable oil and other erosion will cause stress cracking.The performance test is the performance index of the system is tested by automatic testing tools to simulate a variety of normal and abnormal peak load conditions.